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Air freight service provider
Road freight service provider
Maritime freight service provider
Rail freight service provider
Multimodal transport operators (MTO’s)/ 3 PL service provider
Warehouse service provider (industrial and consumables
Agriculture warehousing
Packaging in Agriculture and food products
Packaging in Non-perishables
Logistics service provider
Logistics Operations
Logistics Technology
Education and Skill Development in the Logistics Sector
Champions of Safety in Logistics Operations
Champions of Inclusivity and Diversity in Logistics
Champions of ESG practices in Logistics
Applicants in core logistics and special categories

The entity should be a recognized MSME entity. The entity must submit their certificate of incorporation or partnership deed.

The entity must have all applicable trade or trade-specific registrations (example: CE, MSME, GST Registration, etc.)

There should not have been any defaults in the last three years (FY 2019-20, 20-21, 21-22 (provisional)) by the entity or any of its promoters or any of their group entities.

The entity must submit audited financial statements (balance sheet, profit & loss account) for the last three financial years (FY 2019-20, 20-21, 21-22 (provisional))

Entities registered in FY 2019-20 or later need to provide the financial statements applicable for establishing and succeeding financial years

Rules for participation in LEAPS

Participation in the LEAPS is voluntary.

Each individual entity can apply for up to two showcase categories for LEAPS

Startups and MSMEs are allowed to participate in core logistics as well as special areas; however, they can also apply for maximum of two categories

Finalists maybe subject to a legal due diligence review by independent third-party evaluators. If the individual/ organization refuses to such a request, DPIIT holds the right to select the next highest scoring nominee as the award winner.

By participating in the LEAPS, the entity agrees to the Government of India and its partners use of its name, URL, photos, and videos for promotional purposes on its website and other promotional material.

Any false information provided within the context of LEAPS by any entity concerning identity, mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right, or non-compliance with these rules or any terms and conditions or the like may result in the immediate disqualification of the entity from the showcase process.

The decisions of the jury and the implementation committee shall be final and binding.

DPIIT reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend LEAPS or not showcase any category/ area. DPIIT further reserves the right to disqualify any candidate/entity from the LEAPS selection process that tampers with the submission process, commits fraud or is in violation of criminal and/or civil laws.

Allowances shall not be paid to any entity for travel or presentation before the National Jury.

How many categories can a company/ organization apply for?

Each individual entity can apply for up to two award sub-categories for LEAPS

Can an applicant/ nominee from last year also apply for the nominations this year?
Can an applicant in Core Logistics also apply under the Special Categories

Yes, applicants like Startups and MSMEs are allowed to participate in core logistics as well as special categories; however, they can also apply for maximum of two categories

Are there any documentation or pre-requisites to be fulfilled by the finalists in the final round?
My company/ firm was registered after 2019, so how do I submit the audited financial statements?